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New Recording Project!
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Produced by Chris Pickolick at Montbrae Studio. Songs of vision, courage, wisdom and community.

More about my watercolors

Afternoon Unfolding

Connie Cohen Music

I believe music can be a deep source of healing and connection, joy, celebration and community building. I have written poetry since I was a small child and bought my first guitar at age 10. I have written and recorded collections of original songs, taught guitar and ukulele, led music workshops and retreats. I have hosted song swaps, song circles and sing-alongs. I love writing, composing and the whole creative adventure. But what I love most of all is getting people to raise their voices together in song because there is such power and magic in it.

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“Lyrical…Captivating…Passionate…Poetic…Free Spirited Humorous…Eloquent…Zany…Surprising” These are a few words critics have used to describe Northwest songwriter Connie Cohen. Her unique blend of talent, wit and insight, and her ability to communicate with passion and humor have made her a favorite performer at festivals, coffee houses and special events across the nation. With an unbeatable passion, honesty and integrity, Connie is making her impact felt on the world.

"Cohen's genius is in finding the universal in the particular. Her songs strike a deep chord of resonance in the psyche and the soul.
Seattle Community Catalyst

"...very original songs filled with connection, spirit, clarity and perspective..."
The Southeast Examiner

contact Connie:
connieScohen (at) gmail