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New Recording Project!

Due for release Friday September 14th
Sneak peek and Pre-order now!

Working now in the studio with Chris Pickolick at Montbrae Studio on songs that I have written over the last 10 years. The project's working title is "Great Big House"

We will have copies at the opening celebration of my art show at Taborspace in September!

The opening is September 14th at Taborspace.

Check my watercolor page for more details.

More about my watercolors

Afternoon Unfolding

Connie Cohen Singer/Songwriter

Cohen's genius is in finding the universal in the particular. Her songs strike a deep chord of resonance in the psyche and the soul."


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“Lyrical…Captivating…Passionate…Poetic…Free Spirited Humorous…Eloquent…Zany…Surprising”

“Connie’s music is infused with a wisdom that knows both the great joys
and deep tragedies of life”.
- Seattle Community Catalyst

"...very original songs filled with connection, spirit, clarity and perspective..."
The Southeast Examiner

contact Connie:
connieScohen (at) gmail